16-Year-Old Girl looks like Fruits

There is a 16-year-old photograph girl names Cristina Otero who holds many audiences with her interesting self-portraits because she creates a lot of beautiful photographs by using fruits as encouragement in the following Tutti Frutti. She really prevents ordinary belief of lady beauty to communicate with many types of fruit with attractive display in front of cameras. She attracts audiences and viewers around her farther beautiful eyes and paints colors matching with each type of wild fruits.

When she was interviewed, she said that she do loves taking photos of facial human, for I think that it is like a collection of feelings and concepts in it. She wrote on her face that all you want in a person is there and so it is so easy to discover the meaning of it. Making her personal face to make the canvas, many exciting and wonderful photos are very attractive and they express the personality of human. (click number below to see more pictures)
Source: Cristina Otero’s website via [Pokkisam] | Mymodernmet | Gono

11 Refreshing Photos by 16-year-old Spanish photographer Cristina Otero 1

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