The special bus service over a special route that contains of two narrow concrete rails instead of a regular asphalt road is built up in Cambridge, Huntingdon and Stlves in the English county of Cambridgeshire. Buses go with each set of wheels over the equal rails. It looks like a train, but its problem is that it is a little bit narrow, yet the buses reach speeds of 90 km per hour (55 miles/h). The most essential part, is all the drivers no need to manage bus steering wheel. The Guided buses mix the material of both bus and rail systems to reach a new mode of transport that is better that ordinary buses because they don’t need to divide the blog of road, it has an inexpensive price. The buses fitted with special guide-wheels that connect the short straight curbs on either side of the guide way. These wheels push the steering mechanism of the buses, keeping it put the middle of on the track; moreover, the buses travel on a normal road like a regular buses steering in the normal way. Via: amusingplanet

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