Callery: Mind-Bending Crushing Which Promises To Change Your Head

A skier is wearing a headset that is landing on top of ice cream, these sights show the magic of surprising combination. Mr. Stephen McMennamy who lives in Atlanta, Georgia invents the strange world. He just put some tools, vegetables and fruits together; in contrast, the art director is difficult to design in Photoshop. Instead, he makes the attractive picture by dividing two photos and joining them together. Mr. McMennamy said that he loves the magic photography and tinkering with exciting imagery. He uses different of ways to create these photos basically. One day, he found out two images which is his library. They are orange machine truck and orange boat then he combines them in one. He confesses directly that he works on an idea. He has to spend weeks to plan, practice, experiment. Via: express
The skier takes off from the ice crem cone

McMennamy shows a digger going for chocolate ice cream

McMennamy shows a digger going for chocolate ice cream

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