A Funny Show is Daily Created by Japanese Artist

Most of weeks, many of diorama artists try to use simple objects and food in order to invent very small world and small people can stay on it. There is now a Japanese artist named Tanaka Tatsuya who has tested his imagination for the past four years from day to day to create unpredictable small painting of person with his own autograph. Miniature Calendar project allows everyone shows all his inventive projects in the same place. He mentions on hi art’s statement that everyone must have had similar thoughts at least once. Broccoli and parsley are only vegetable, but they can be seen the green forest because of green color; moreover, the tree leaves falling to water surface might absolutely look like small boat. The thought of unskilled person sometime give us funny feeling; therefore I loved to follow manner to show it via photo. Thus I begin to place in one specific site called Miniature Calendar.( Click number below to see more pictures )
Source:  miniature-calendar.com | Instagram | Facebook | Amazon Japan (h/t: spoon-tamago) | demilked
Japanese Artist Creates One Playful Diorama Each Day For 4 Years 1

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