Longest Dinner Part In The World Which Spends 24 Hours And Serve 1,600 Kinds Of Food

You can go to the website bespokeoffers.co.uk that has joined with the world famous cooking to begin the longest menu the ever attempt. Two hundred different courses are made to offer on average every 7 minutes and 14 seconds over a 24-hour period. Pay attention on reading! Because 200 club is going to head at 8 am on Thursday, 3th September, and it is going to end at 8am on Friday, September. Fifty lucky gastronomes to gain a chance separate in this lifetime experience to eat whatever in the whole day. Hosted at the Factory in Bermondsey, London, the two hundred courses are divided into many kinds of food that contains twenty individual dishes. A special two tickets is up for grabs from Monday 17 August on website bespokeoffers.co.uk. This gives two gastronomes the chance to eat the full day; moreover, they can dine every single one of the two hundred courses. Go to this website www.Bespokeoffers.co.uk to buy tickets to get the 200 club courses. Via: express


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